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Qingdao Geoubo Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive professional environmental protection equipment company specializing in the production, research and development, assembly, sales and after-sales tracking services of environmental protection equipment. At present, the domestic products are sold with belt filter press, belt drum dewatering machine (sludge dewatering machine, belt type mud water separator, vacuum belt filter press, stacked sludge dewatering machine), automatic dosing Equipment (liquid, solid, powder), air flotation equipment, grille machine, etc. are the main products. As the company's business expands, more and more products will meet the needs of more customers.

    The company's environmentally friendly products are designed with efficiency, energy saving, low carbon, green and environmental protection to make the designed products more beautiful, compact and excellent. Adopting advanced technology and scientific management mode in technology and internal management, with the help of computer internal ERP network management system and advanced CNC processing equipment, it has won the favor of many users with excellent products and good service.
    Looking back on the past, looking forward to the future, standing on the international stage of environmental protection today, Gebobo will take the business philosophy of "Dedicated to environmental protection and inheriting green civilization".
    In order to protect the global environment and safeguard the interests of mankind, we will lead the human environmental protection industry to a new future.

Qingdao Geoubo Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 2019 鲁ICP备17004675-1号 Company main:Belt filter press|Sludge dewatering machine|Screw extruder
email:gobe88@163.com tel:4000-777-875 15965567696 15615880464 13506399849 add:Chongqing Middle Road, Lisong District, Qingdao City

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