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    Qingdao Globe Environmental Protection Equipment Co Ltd is a professional engaged in environmental protection equipment production, research and development, assembly, sales and after-sale tracking service as one of the integrated and specialized environmental protection equipment company. At present, in the sale of products with belt type filter press, drum belt type sludge dewatering machine (sludge dewatering machine, belt type water separator, filter press, vacuum stack screw centrifugal separator), automatic dosing equipment (liquid, solid, powder), ozone generator, air flotation equipment as the main products. With the gradual expansion of the company's business, there will be more and more products to meet the needs of more customers.

The design of the company's environmental protection products from Germany Rwth Aachen Research Institute, so the two hundred years experience of mechanical products design, and using the world's most advanced design concept of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, low carbon, green, environmental protection, make the product design more beautiful appearance, compact structure, excellent performance. Using the German advanced technology and scientific management mode in technology and internal management, with the help of computer network management system of internal ERP and CNC machining equipment advanced, with excellent products and good service won over millions of users.

Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, standing on the international stage of environmental protection today, the company will be "dedicated to environmental protection, heritage of green civilization" business philosophy,

To protect the earth's environment and safeguard the interests of mankind as its own responsibility, and more firmly lead the human environmental protection industry into a new future!

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